Because apparently I’m not done analyzing episode 98…

On thing I really love about this episode is the the first kiss. Not just because they’re kissing, which is admittedly awesome, but the way they react.
Firstly, Lizzie opens her eyes pretty fast afterwards (actually they might still be kissing when she does) like she’s kind of shocked at what she’s just done. She’s opening her eyes as if to check that she’s actually just kissed Darcy and then to watch his reaction - she’s just put herself out on a limb, even if Darcy is still in love with her.
Darcy, on the other hand, keeps his eyes closed for forever. It’s like he’s savoring it, like it’s a really great dream and he’s worried that it’ll be gone when he opens his eyes. Also, his brain has probably gone all “Darcybot malfunction” and so he’s trying to absorb everything and form coherent thought.
I really love that they’re both unsure and panicky. In episode 60, they were both really confident about how they feel. I mean, Darcy is nervous of hell, but he still has a confidence to him. And Lizzie is very confident and outright in her refusal of him. Neither of them are second guessing their actions
And I think the fact that they’re freaking out now just shows how much they want this to work out.

Ashley Clements and Daniel Vincent Gordh are truly brilliant actors.

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